Participation fees and registration

  • Online registration takes place until 11th of August 2020 on the Viking Line Night Run Estonia website: www.öö
  • There are limited number of starting places at the Night Run:
  • 5 km "Lahe Rakvere" (Cool Rakvere), not timed – 1000 places 
  • 10 km "Raju Rakvere" (Terrific Rakvere), timed – 4000 places 
  • 21,1 km "Võimas Rakvere" (Powerful Rakvere), timed - 1200 places 
  • The Mõmmi Runs – 1200 places
  • The registration for the distances will end on 11th August 2020 at midnight or after the participation places have been filled.
  • From 12th August 2020 there will be no online registration to the 5 km; 10 and 21, 1 km distances!
  • On 15th August 2020 from noon to 8:00 p.m. (at the Mõmmi Runs to 5:30 p.m.) it is possible to register (in case of available starting places) for 5 km distance, 10 km track and 21,1 km distance - at the Event Centre, Rakvere Sports Centre.


Participation fees:


  Until 30.04.20

  Until 30.06.20

 Until 11.08.20



(you will see the number of free places at the registration)

5 km, no timing

(Nike T-shirt,  e-diploma, trip to Finland )






10 km, timed

(Nike T-shirt,  e-diploma, trip to Finland, medal)






21,1 km, timed

(Nike T-shirt,  e-diploma, trip to Finland, medal )







The Mõmmi Runs

(joy, sweet, lemonade,  diploma, goodie bag)

































  • On Group Registration (10 participants or more) the participation fee can be paid on the basis of an invoice. Names of the participants will be entered in the start protocol no later than 10 days after the payment of the invoice issued by the organisers. The registrations will be deleted if the bill is not paid within 5 days of the issue of the invoice. We ask that groups of up to nine people register themselves to the Viking Line Night Run Estonia via the individual registration form, which allows you to add an unlimited number of companions.
  • Name and Track Re-Registration are possible until 31.07.2020.
  • The re-registration fee is 10 €, plus the possible difference between the participation fees. For the re-registration transfer the re-registration fee to organiser’s,  MTÜ Rakvere Maraton (NGO Rakvere Marathon), account (EE911010220117720014), please include: the pre-registered participant and the new participants, with a birth date (e.g.  Instead of Jana Õunapuu Juhan Kukk – 12.08.1983 – is participating). In case of a track change, indicate the name of the participant and the track change (e.g.  Jana Õunapuu changes the 5 km track – 10 km). In case of a newparticipant be sure to add the new participant's shirt size. Please notify the organiser of the re-registration fees’ transfer to the organiser’s account: , which ensures a faster name or track change in the start protocol. 



All participation fees include 20% VAT.

There is an online registration fee 0,5 € when registrating online.

Group discount of 10% applies to groups of 10 participants and more (this calculation does not include the Mõmmi Run participants) starting from the second registration round, i.e. from 01.05.2020. The discount applies to groups of registrations, which reach the organizers by 22.07.2020 the latest!

One discount per one registration (applies to campaigns as well).

NB! If the Night Run is cancelled due to reasons not depending on the organiser and in case of the participant resigning (regardless of cause) the participation fee is not refundable. Pre-purchased T-shirts, mugs and other promotional items, also Viking Line or other gift cards are issued only on the site at the Event Centre until 187h August, 11:30 p.m. There will be no later issuing or posting – the participant will lose the right to the items after 15h August 2020 after 11:30 p.m.  The items will go to charity or disposal.




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