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What is K2

➤    What is K2?


A 5.27 km Night Run trail, starting and ending in front of the Ülemiste Center. On the track, the participants will conquer two parking garages, from bottom to top and to the end. Ülemiste City parking garages A and H bring participants a total of 2.49 km of adventure (more than 1 km of them are climbing meters). On the roof of both parking garages, an exciting light and music show awaits the participants. Outdoor candles are used on the roadsides to create emotion.


K2 is the second highest peak in the world, known among alpinists as Savage mountain. George Bell, a climber of the 1953 American expedition, said after conquering the mountain: "This is a wild mountain that tries to kill you" (source: Wikipedia).


Ülemiste City K2 thus brings to athletes and those looking for special experiences a short but more demanding distance than usual, which differs from anything that has been undertaken in Estonian health sports so far. K2 offers an experience and will hopefully become attractive to guests from outside Estonia over the years. You can participate by running, walking or Nordic walking!


➤    The specifics of measuring and completing the K2 route


The K2 route (5.27 km) is measured with the assumption that all parking spaces in both parking garages are filled with vehicles, i.e. the only possible solution when offering such a track. If there are no vehicles parked at the turns of the parking lot, the participant can reduce the distance by making turns between floors in the parking garage. Such "cutting" is allowed to compensate for an extremely difficult course and is not restricted by the organizer. The possibility of optimizing the trajectory becomes clear only on the evening of the race day (depending on the position of the vehicles parked in the parking lot).


  • GPS does not work correctly in parking garages
  • In the case of the K2 individual half-marathon, the participant will pass each parking garage four times (a total of 8 times) - this is a course that tries to defeat you and tests even the strongest!
  • The participant of the K2 individual competition and the TEAM half-marathon passes each parking garage once (2 parking garages in total)
  • Total length of parking lot A: 1.26 km (including approx. 600 m of ascent)
  • Total length of parking garage H: 1.23 km (including approx. 600 m ascent)


➤   What is the K2 TEAM Half Marathon?


The K2 Ülemiste City track is measured in a form which enables a total distance of 21.1 km, or a half-marathon, to be completed by completing four circuits. Yes, as part of K2, an individual competitor can complete a half marathon. In addition to this, the possibility of covering the half-marathon distance as a team has been created to involve work groups, families and friends. Starting together in a team of 4 people, completing one lap of K2. The results of the team members from the finish line are summed up and a ranking of the teams is created through this (to whom it matters).


Each participant in the team also participates in the overall ranking, i.e. in essence, the fastest team competitor can also be the winner of the individual competition. The team can have women and men as members, as well as mixed teams in different combinations, people who are trying to set records or want to take it easy by walking. It is the perfect opportunity for teambuilding in one of Tallinn's most beautiful urban spaces. An interval or wave start is applied, where the participating team can start as one - together.


➤    Discount for participants of both days:


The night runner participating on Friday can complete Saturday's K2 challenge with the Ülemiste Night Run shirt purchased on Friday. A participation fee lower without the shirt will be charged automatically in case of Saturday registration. We thereby avoid overproduction and reduce the ecological footprint. We also reward loyal fans.


Participating in the Ülemiste Night Run on Friday (August 9), participation on Saturday (August 10) costs only €10 for the first 400 registrants, and then €15 (assuming on Saturday, participants wear the Ülemiste Night Run shirt issued on Friday). Registering with the "early bird" offer for a team of 4 members, the participation fee is a total of €40 (each finisher earns a medal, an e-diploma and an energy-restoring gift bag. Electronic timing, course service, starting materials and the Night Run K2 experience are guaranteed).


➤    First-time cash prize pool:


A total of €7,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the top competitors of the Ülemiste Night Run, in addition to supporters' prizes, trophies, etc. All participants will be rewarded with a medal (medals are different on Friday and Saturday) and participation will take place only in the competition T-shirt created and designed for the event (issued with the starting materials).

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